Currently, bookmakers Paddy Power will give you 25/1 that Irish glamour model and recent Celebrity Big Brother evictee Georgia Salpa will take the top spot in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2012.
Georgia Salpa walks into the Big Brother house
Here she is in a lovely white dress
Three weeks ago, barely anyone knew who Georgia Salpa was unless they were a) Irish or b) a keen fan of our old Week in Women pages, which she cropped up on thanks to being extraordinarily pretty. But now, thanks to the crucible of stars that isCelebrity Big Brother, she's been catapulted into the public eye.1She's a household name, as long as we're talking about households that watched the first three weeks of the show.
Georgia Salpa in a bikini
Here she is in a bikini, with a drink that looks a bit like broken glass
Bookmakers Paddy Power are now offering the chance to place bets on how well she's going to place in our legendary poll (voting starts next Thursday, by the way, so begin appreciating women now in anticipation). At time of writing, odds are 25/1 that she'll take the top spot – even though she's not been on the list before – and, if you're feeling a little more cautious, 6/1 that she'll place in the running at all. That's a fairly safe bet, we reckon. She is, as we've mentioned previously, extraordinarily pretty.
There's a full range of bets available for the gambler who tires of horses, dogs and football, and instead wishes to test their luck against a stampede of the world's most beautiful women – you can bet on her exact placement in the rankings, or who she's going to go out with next after her escape from the Big Brother house. Current favourite is Peter Andre at 13/8, for some reason.
Georgia Salpa with a riding crop
And here she is dressed as a jockey, of some kind. We're unsure why
The press release, sent to us this morning, contains the ominous phrase “smouldering heavyweights” and the following sentence from Sharon McHugh, official Paddy Power spokesperson: “People can say what they want about Georgia's personality but when it comes to the looks department she's far from dull. In fact, she's smoking hot!”
Fair enough. If you want to bet, by all means, go ahead. And then vote the hell out of it on Thursday.