Some people might incorrectly argue that advertising is, for all intents and purposes, a bad thing. Those people have clearly not seen this advert.
This advert is wonderful. Like watching newborn lambs skip across fields, learning how to ride a bike, constructing then eating an enormous sandwich or cracking off a seven-tone fart of such potency that the dog leaves the room, this advert makes us happy to be alive.
SEAT's bikini volleyball team
The dog wasn't too happy though
What happens within? We can barely be bothered to explain. Surely you can infer a lot of the content from the headline. Still, perhaps you need more convincing. Perhaps you’re just feeling difficult today and, for some perverse masochistic reason you want us to really work for that click on the video.
Well, fine – a synopsis, then, of sorts. There are lots of women. Somewhere between six and twelve women overall, it’s hard to tell. Spectacularly gorgeous women, especially the blonde one at the front. All the aforementioned women are wearing bikinis, or at the very least some pretty scanty swimsuits. 
Seat bikini volleyball girls
See? Scanty
They’re dancing – sexily, mind, they’re not turning out a waltz - in a volleyball arena, or on a mountain, depending on when you tune in. They are not playing volleyball. People are somehow walking around behind them carrying on with their business – the precise nature of which is unclear. 
At the end of it all, we’re supposed to want to buy a particular brand of car. Has it worked? No. Are the girls sexy? Yes. Watch the damn video.
SEAT bikini bums
Okay maybe we want to buy SEAT cars like 10 percent more now who cares